A few experiments in Agile

Here are a few ideas for things we could try out to improve our teams:

  1. Work on only one story at a time
  2. Minimize square footage of the team area
  3. Daily Design Review
  4. Change the way you do retrospectives (a coffee chat rather than an inquisition?)
  5. Bring one new idea to every stand-up meeting
  6. Daily interaction with other teams (ping pong tournament, sports book, whatever)
  7. Utilize ambassador pattern between teams
  8. Get to know I new thing about a team mate each day
  9. Focus on a single practice in each review until the practice is mastered
  10. Swap roles every sprint

Like anything else, they probably would be best supported by some acceptance test of some sort. It would be some what of envisioning what the success of a given experiment would look like. There is no point to trying something out if you have no idea what the benefit will be…

Just a thought,

2 Responses to A few experiments in Agile

  1. Love the ideas! If you want a reinforcement for #8, I just read a book called “The Three signs of a Miserable Job (Patrick Lencioni)” that was very good at convincing me that teams perform better when they interact on a social level beyond the professional level.

  2. Alfredo FP says:

    Very interesting! but I’m very curious about the first point; I would think it is difficult with cross-functional teams. Could you plese tell what advantages you have working on one story at a time?

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