Agile 2008 – Day 1

Got into Toronto last night. We went out for dinner and ended up hopping between little ethnic enclaves. First it was “little China” then it was “little Portugal” and onward to “little Italy”. A little food, a little wine, a nice way to unwind after spending all day on the plane.

Not much happened today. There were research papers that were discussed, but there really weren’t any I was all that interested in. I spent time preparing for my own presentations later in the week, slept off some of the jet lag, and generally took it easy. It’s not a bad way to start off a long conference like this with sort of a layover day. I’m getting pretty jazzed up for the conference to really get kicked off! It’s also exciting to meet folks as they drift in during the day.

2 Responses to Agile 2008 – Day 1

  1. sonicrafter says:

    Very good post. Hope to see more great posts in the near future.

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