Agile Planning Tools

A few notes on this list:

I tried to collect just the tools that are written specifically for the purpose of Agile planning. I know that a lot of teams use 3×5 cards and/or Excel for tracking and managing their projects. However, although you can use Excel to manage your planning process, Excel was not created with Agile planning in mind. So Excel doesn’t belong on this list. There are plenty of planning products that make the claim of being compatible with Agile planning. For instance, Microsoft Project has a Scrum plug-in. But MS Project was never really intended to support Agile planning. And if I may be so bold, the support it does provide sucks. So I have left out products that are basically Gant charting tools that some might consider using for planning Agile projects.

This list is by no means comprehensive. If you are aware of additional products that I have missed, please let me know. So here they are in no particular order:

  1. Rally
  2. Scrumworks
  3. XPlanner
  4. Mingle
  5. VersionOne
  6. TargetProcess
  7. xProcess
  8. Extreme Planner
  9. ProjectCards
  10. CardMeeting
  11. XP Story Studio
  12. PlanningPoker
  13. Acunote
  14. SilverCatalyst
  15. PlanB

I learned a few things researching this list. First, everybody and their cat has a planning tool these days. It was only a few years ago that there were only a handful of products available if you were interested in a tool for planning Agile projects. Now they are a dime a dozen. It’s starting to look like a pretty competitive market. There still seems to be a healthy mix of open source and commercial applications, so alternatives are available to fit whatever budget you have (or don’t have).

I’ve provided some minimal information with each product so that you can investigate them yourself. For those of you who want the “Cliff’s Notes” summary, over the next few weeks my plan is to write reviews for these products. Some of them are products that I have used before quite extensively, others I will install and try out.

Stay tuned.

15 Responses to Agile Planning Tools

  1. Dan Greening says:

    There is also Greenhopper, which is a JIRA plugin providing sticky-note board capabilities and burn down charts. See

  2. A new tool is a ScrumDesk. See
    It is .NET 3 based desktop application with full drag and drop based UI displaying story index cards on freely zoomable board. ScrumDesk integrates reports and SCRUM metrics, multiteam support, IP phone, email, bug tracking and project documentation systems integration.

  3. […] my last post listing Agile planning tools a few more have come to my attention […]

  4. Agilefant is an open source (MIT license) software tool for managing software development projects and related activities. It strives to bring together the perspectives of organizing daily work, long-term product and release planning and project portfolio management. Check out more at the home page

  5. […] the following list of tools for managing agile projects we picked up these tools to […]

  6. Ben says:

    The open source Agile Tracking Tool could be added to the list ( It’s relatively new development and we are looking for people to join the project (grails based).

    A nice overview of the many tools available can be found at

  7. couponsmart says:

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  8. jitkasem says:

    This articles is very good, now I’m finding the scrum backlog too for suit to my development project. In my opinion Mingle is the best tool I’ve ever found.

  9. Dominic says:

    Have a look at Urban Turtle.
    Urban Turtle is the premier Scrum tool for backlog prioritization, iteration planning, and task monitoring. It allows TFS development teams to work with Agile.

  10. HitaduriDatry says:

    Condivido esaurientemente da le idee espresse finora. Continuate in questo modo.

  11. Richard says:

    Thanks for your post and a long list of tools. I recommend having a look at simple and shareable tasks board

  12. Good list. There is also a new free Agile Apex tool for agile project management. Give it a try at

  13. anthonyjohnston says:

    Are you still up for trying out agile planning tools?

    Here’s mine

    On-line free.. I’d love to know what you think

  14. Enrico says:

    Another great tool is HEROGAMI. It’s easy to use, but really powerful.
    Take a look:

  15. austin1975 says:

    Good list. There is another free agile tool for agile project management.Take a look:

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